Sunday, June 3, 2012

Around the House Class

This class was held June 29, 2012

Class members worked on strip pieced house blocks, and could choose to make a small Medallion quilt, or make more blocks for a bed size quilt. The block was inspired by a block from Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.

It was a great class, with lots of fun and lots of learning.  Always inspiring to sew with a group of of other dedicated quilters!


  1. Becky, I love your new blog!

  2. Hi, Becky! Jennifer Gail sent me by to say hi :-D I've signed up to Follow you so I'll know what's going on there. I suggest you put the address and directions, etc. in a prominent spot on the blog so we can find you!

  3. Apparently I hadn't signed in to my Google account when I wrote my comment, and it disappeared. But those things tend to pop up when least expected, so excuse if this becomes a duplicate :-) Jennifer Gail sent me here, and I'm glad she did. I'm going to sign up to Follow so I'll know what's happening at the Barn. Please show (prominently) where you're located so we can find you!!

    1. Hi Brita, Thanks for pointing out we need directions..
      Sometimes it's the little things we take for granted.

      Also note that I'm not a 9-5 shop... I do sell a few notions & some fabric...If you would like to stop in sometime just call ahead & I would love to show you around.

  4. And I thought you didn't know how to blog! LOL! Looks great! Unfortunately I won't be able to join you this time. Maybe the next!


  5. Had a great time at the "house raising". I think there were about 14 houses built Friday. All homes were different and beautiful. Again, I learned several things while listening to other quilters. Thanks for the class. Looking forward to next month's class. Tell Sandy my house is "pretty" ugly.sbg


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