Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trip Around The World

I was having a little ME time yesterday & decided it was time to quilt something for me....
As I was digging thru my vast mountain of unquilted tops ..

I discovered a treasure I had completely forgotten about...

This Trip Around The World made out of original feed sacks & hand pieced ( no not by me)
By a dear sweet lady Susie G. I have quilted a few tops for her & we swap scraps....She said she had probably pieced this in the 50's.  oh did I forget to mention Susie is in her mid 80's & still sews everyday (except Sundays) & plants a garden....She has been an inspiration to me...And I am grateful to have known her & have her in my life...
 So this quilt is a treasure that I can't wait to snuggle under...I know there is "Love In Every Stitch"
Since I had a little extra space at the bottom of that quilt back & it was on the machine. 
I pulled out this little table runner I pieced a few weeks ago at retreat and got busy quilting it..
There is no pattern I just put together what I had leftover from another project..

Here is a shot of the back...I think I like it...

I guess now that I've had my's back to client quilts.

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