Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend Away

What better place to blog than a traffic jam? At least Rick is smart enough to fill with gas before we leave.  Some of you who have rode with me know I will wait til that little gas light comes on. Then hope I make it to the station.  

We started out the day riding thru the beautiful Indiana farmland.  
Then we passed this truck and it made me appreciate all the hard work our American Farmers do so we can enjoy our fresh food.  I know I take for granted sometime just what we have here in the Good Ol USA.   Feeling Blessed today.  
Then we arrived at the Indiana State Fair where the smells were "sinfully delicious " 
I was tempted to try this, however I settled for Ice Cream instead.   
Then it was on to the quilts.  They were gorgeous.  
Then we wrapped up our day with a stop in at the new Tractors.  
I may need this to mow at the Barn!!! Now back to the hotel where I have a seeing machine waiting patiently. And a new project to start. 

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  1. It looks like you and Rick had a great time in Indiana. That machinery is huge, makes me think of what my grandfather used to have in his machine shed. His equipment were baby toys compared to the pictures above;
    You are just too funny to have taken your sewing machine!
    Safe travels. Marlene


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