Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mountain Quiltfest

The CEO and I were up and at it early. I was so excited to get to the quilt show inPigeon   Forge
I was going to get my Lime Green Featherweight I have been dreaming of.  
I had emailed weeks ago to make sure the man would be there and have it.
Imagine my broken heart when I found him and discovered he brought the wrong one. That's right instead of Lime Green. He had John Deere Green.  Yuck! 
He did assure me he had one and would bring it to Paducah next month.  Oh well that just means another road trip. 
I did run into a few friends today. Enjoying the show. Becky. & Pat sporting beautiful new tiaras.  
Then I found Sandy who was surprised to discover her challenge quilt had a ribbon. Sandy and Pat came to the Barn where we worked on this project together.  What fun memories we made. 
On our way out we ran into these  two dear friends.  Peggy and Marlene.  Love these gals. 
We topped our evening off with dinner at the Apple Barn with some of our Barn Buddies. 
Now the CEO and I are stuffed and on our way home.

 If you have a chance be sure and check out the quilt show this weekend...

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